Rebranding // TVAL skincare

I was so excited to learn more about Typography this quarter. Our quarter long assignment was to redesign from a list of companies. I decided to go with the worst looking logo out of the bunch to redesign, also thought a skincare line would open up a lot of interesting design hurdles to tackle.

tval_logotval_logo_processThe redesign is for a genuine company : TVAL skincare. They’re based in Canada but seem to sell mostly online. The first project was to of course create a new identity for the company. Immediately I started brainstorming concepts, sketching from those concepts, & creating a mood-board.

My concept was “purely you” and I wanted use nature diagrams to play with the dichotomy of clinical + organic and feminine + masculine through out the line.  Everything in my rebranding is hand drawn minus the beautiful small type as seen used for the ingredients copy.tval_moodboard

Second assignment was to work with type in small places on an 8oz jar or bottle of body butter. This assignment was pretty text heavy so kerning tracking and spacing sort of a bitch, but I thought they came out beautifully.

The assignment was for 1 product example, but I kind of got carried away and made a whole line to show the consistency.


The third assignment was to create a gift card and folding card that described 8 ways to use body butter, plus a envelope. I used my newly found origami skills to create a interesting envelope.

tval_product_3tval_product_6tval_product_5tval_product_2special thanks to : Mary Kalhor for her lovely photography and friendship!




For our color theory class my team was tasked with presenting orange as a new corporate color to a fictional company 50 Shades of Grey. This video was a intro to the slideshow presentation.

Icons from The Noun Project (

Voice over: Holly
Illustrator: Mandy
Illustrator: David B
Written by: John L

And Special Thanks to  who didn’t sleep to put together this animation.

Music from =

Vector House

house_assignment_webhouse_assignment_web_1 house_assignment_web_2

Vector Graphics are used all the time in graphic design. Consisting of points, lines, curves and shapes to represent an image.

In this color theory assignment we were tasked to create a dwelling in a particular setting, the location and palette was left open ended. To challenge myself I pull from a few short stories to graphically represent a piece of the whole. This was much harder than I was anticipating, as a illustrator i feel fairly comfortable about my ability to represent something via pen + paper, but when it came to using the computer is a tool this was not the case ( I’m very awkward on this machine .) Anyway, I learned a great amount and hopefully I’m closer than I was before this assignment.

My inspiration for this assignment was pulled from a novella written by Richard Brautigan, In Watermelon Sugar.  It is a tale of a commune organized around a central gathering house which is named “iDEATH”. In this environment, many things are made of watermelon sugar (though the inhabitants also use pine wood and stone for building material and fuel is made from trout oil). The landscape of the novel is always changing. Each day has a different colored sun which creates different colored watermelons, and the central building also changes frequently.

Instead of coping exactly that story scene I decided that I would go for more of a ‘look + feel’ of what the story did for my senses. I decided that this story needed a floating/suspended house with flowers growing from the windowsills and lively bright colors.

Brautigan’s use of color in this book was my first inspiration, so vivid and saturated you can almost touch it the colors. I kept choosing warm hues of tinted greens and reds with accenting orange hues. So I decided that I wanted to focus on a complementary scheme with just a hint of triad scheme coming through with that orange.

Triad color schemes are formed by three equally spaced colors on the wheel. Here I used green, red-violet and orange hues.

Complementary color schemes are formed by two opposite colors on the color wheel. And in this case I use primarily tinted hues of green and red.


Banner Ads : Colgate in the Stranger

Mandy_Blouin_preview_ads_1 Mandy_Blouin_preview_ads_2 Mandy_Blouin_preview_ads_3 Mandy_Blouin_preview_ads_4

This assignment was to create a series of standard banner ads for Colgate to advertise in the Seattle Stranger’s home page. Thinking of the demographic I immediately thought of a younger ‘edgy’ crowd and from this my tag line just came to me “Clean that dirty mouth.” So from there I decided to pair that copy with photographs of Iggy Pop “the godfather of punk rock” and the filthiest man I could think of.

Banner Ads very in scale but are typically small rectangular advertisements that appear on all sorts of Web pages and vary considerably in appearance and subject matter, but they all share a basic function: if you click on them, your Internet browser will take you to the advertiser’s Web site. Banner ads are usually relatively simple pieces of HTML code, but their presence on the Web and their importance in Internet-based business is immense.


Glean : Organic Cookbook


For the past two weeks in our Production class  we spent our time learning all about photoshop and the million things that can be done  and the our part crafting a cover to a Organic Cookbook. The goal for this assignment was for us to put our photoshop skills to the test. Jason supplied a series of stock images for us to use and then we needed to integrate at lest two of them into a final product. And we would supply our on copy, publisher, and ISBN#.

Here are the original stock photos:


A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. -VIVIAN MAIER

On Friday Mary took me to a exhibition at PCNW of Vivian Maier work. What an inspiring show!

The story of this nanny who has now wowed the world with her photography, and who incidentally recorded some of the most interesting marvels and peculiarities of Urban America in the second half of the twentieth century is seemingly beyond belief.


“An American of French and Austro-Hungarian extraction, Vivian bounced between Europe and the United States before coming back to New York City in 1951. Having picked up photography just two years earlier, she would comb the streets of the Big Apple refining her artistic craft. By 1956 Vivian left the East Coast for Chicago, where she’d spend most of the rest of her life working as a caregiver. In her leisure Vivian would shoot photos that she zealously hid from the eyes of others. Taking snapshots into the late 1990′s, Maier would leave behind a body of work comprising over 100,000 negatives. Additionally Vivian’s passion for documenting extended to a series of homemade documentary films and audio recordings. Interesting bits of Americana, the demolition of historic landmarks for new development, the unseen lives of ethnics and the destitute, as well as some of Chicago’s most cherished sites were all meticulously catalogued by Vivian Maier.”


“A free spirit but also a proud soul, Vivian became poor and was ultimately saved by three of the children she had nannied earlier in her life. Fondly remembering Maier as a second mother, they pooled together to pay for an apartment and took the best of care for her. Unbeknownst to them, one of Vivian’s storage lockers was auctioned off due to delinquent payments. In those storage lockers lay the massive hoard of negatives Maier secretly stashed throughout her lifetime.”

Maier’s massive body of work would come to light when in 2007 her work was discovered at a local thrift auction house on Chicago’s Northwest Side. From there, it would eventually impact the world over and change the life of the man who championed her work and brought it to the public eye, John Maloof.

Currently, Vivian Maier’s body of work is being archived and cataloged for the enjoyment of others and for future generations. John Maloof is at the core of this project after reconstructing most of the archive, having been previously dispersed to the various buyers attending that auction. Now, with roughly 90% of her archive reconstructed, Vivian’s work is part of a renaissance in interest in the art of Street Photography.

And now showing at Photo Center NWVM-1 ! Go check them out.


The art and technique of arranging type in oder to make language visible.



I’m slowing learning how important TYPOGRAPHY is. After learning more about ‘type treatment’ in our typography class I’m growing a huge appreciation for type done well. With so many elements to keep in mind like tracking, kerning, line length, leading
and etc..


The By & By from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.

Dana Tanamachi // Dana Tanamachi is a Texas-bred, Brooklyn-based graphic designer and letterer who enjoys living a quiet life and working with her hands. She currently spends her days creating large-scale typographic installations in chalk and has been commissioned by clients such as Rugby Ralph Lauren, The Ace Hotel, West Elm, and Bloomingdale’s.

Handmade Typography gives a design a more personal touch and makes the design appear friendlier. You find handmade typefaces on organic or personal products where an emotional connection is needed.


Bob Dylan Subterranean Homesick Blues – A HAND LETTERING EXPERIENCE from Leandro Senna on Vimeo.

Leandro Senna created this short film with hand-made type inspired by Bob Dylan’s video for ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’.

handmade_type handmade_type_3

Notable Blogs //

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 12.52.34 PM

Online Magazine. “Trendland redefines trend forecasting through a rich visual journey.”

Trendland  is a online magazine that is quickly claiming the leading edge of organic, spontaneous trend information.

In this relatively new world of e-zine i find that Trendland maintains the interest and has gained a significant following among international trend-watchers and design addicts alike. Pushing the limits in both content and web design.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 2.36.27 PM

Trendland focuses on fashion while including notes from all genres of culture including: music, art, design, photography, technology, pop culture, advertising, and fashion. I think fashion and more importantly ‘street-style’ is important to keep an eye on, there is so much to learn and to be inspired from in the way of textures, patterns, shapes and deconstruction.

I also like to follow The Satorialist for street-style.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 2.45.50 PM

Notable Blogs // The Jealous Curator

“There is one moment, in the first few seconds, when you look at a piece of art and know that you love it. It’s the moment when, if you’re an artist yourself, you look at it and feel a rush of uplifting inspiration… and total soul-crushing jealousy all at the same time. It’s when you walk away thinking, “Damn, I wish I thought of that.” “

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 2.32.22 PM

The Jealous Curator is a blog that primarily focus on contemporary art and design. This blog is ran by a woman who has a great eye. Her blog is visually very consistent and intriguing.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 2.29.27 PM

I find its helpful for me as a ‘designer’ to also keep in touch with what else is going on in the visually world outside of design. Photographer and art history is where I find alot of my inspiration.