Rebranding // TVAL skincare

I was so excited to learn more about Typography this quarter. Our quarter long assignment was to redesign from a list of companies. I decided to go with the worst looking logo out of the bunch to redesign, also thought a skincare line would open up a lot of interesting design hurdles to tackle.

tval_logotval_logo_processThe redesign is for a genuine company : TVAL skincare. They’re based in Canada but seem to sell mostly online. The first project was to of course create a new identity for the company. Immediately I started brainstorming concepts, sketching from those concepts, & creating a mood-board.

My concept was “purely you” and I wanted use nature diagrams to play with the dichotomy of clinical + organic and feminine + masculine through out the line.  Everything in my rebranding is hand drawn minus the beautiful small type as seen used for the ingredients copy.tval_moodboard

Second assignment was to work with type in small places on an 8oz jar or bottle of body butter. This assignment was pretty text heavy so kerning tracking and spacing sort of a bitch, but I thought they came out beautifully.

The assignment was for 1 product example, but I kind of got carried away and made a whole line to show the consistency.


The third assignment was to create a gift card and folding card that described 8 ways to use body butter, plus a envelope. I used my newly found origami skills to create a interesting envelope.

tval_product_3tval_product_6tval_product_5tval_product_2special thanks to : Mary Kalhor for her lovely photography and friendship!


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