Vector House

house_assignment_webhouse_assignment_web_1 house_assignment_web_2

Vector Graphics are used all the time in graphic design. Consisting of points, lines, curves and shapes to represent an image.

In this color theory assignment we were tasked to create a dwelling in a particular setting, the location and palette was left open ended. To challenge myself I pull from a few short stories to graphically represent a piece of the whole. This was much harder than I was anticipating, as a illustrator i feel fairly comfortable about my ability to represent something via pen + paper, but when it came to using the computer is a tool this was not the case ( I’m very awkward on this machine .) Anyway, I learned a great amount and hopefully I’m closer than I was before this assignment.

My inspiration for this assignment was pulled from a novella written by Richard Brautigan, In Watermelon Sugar.  It is a tale of a commune organized around a central gathering house which is named “iDEATH”. In this environment, many things are made of watermelon sugar (though the inhabitants also use pine wood and stone for building material and fuel is made from trout oil). The landscape of the novel is always changing. Each day has a different colored sun which creates different colored watermelons, and the central building also changes frequently.

Instead of coping exactly that story scene I decided that I would go for more of a ‘look + feel’ of what the story did for my senses. I decided that this story needed a floating/suspended house with flowers growing from the windowsills and lively bright colors.

Brautigan’s use of color in this book was my first inspiration, so vivid and saturated you can almost touch it the colors. I kept choosing warm hues of tinted greens and reds with accenting orange hues. So I decided that I wanted to focus on a complementary scheme with just a hint of triad scheme coming through with that orange.

Triad color schemes are formed by three equally spaced colors on the wheel. Here I used green, red-violet and orange hues.

Complementary color schemes are formed by two opposite colors on the color wheel. And in this case I use primarily tinted hues of green and red.



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