No Face // Show at Caffe Vita

Poster Final_pinkney Poster Final_pinkney

For the month of December I’ll be showing my No Face series at Caffe Vita.

After focusing on how the face reflects much of a persons life and character in A Face In Time series, No Face  is a spin off of that series. In my work I try to make myself uncomfortable to grow and push for different ways of communication. Over the past years I’ve grown very comfortable describing the face but seem to neglect everything else. My favoritism for the face is distracting me in articulating all of the other details, so in this series I’ve removed all temptation and now the series has become more about what the body says.

This series I explore a fairly new medium Pen=Permanence. This no erase medium is teaching me a lot about the immediacy of pen on paper.




One comment

  1. Oh! yes please share
    I still think the pen is thick with intimidation but there are times that I must push myself harder than others, only then do those pens come out of their case.

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