what gives you hope?


Today Jess and I were tasked with interviewing people about hope; what gives or brings you hope. Here are our findings:



Change- “hope for people’s ability to change for the better”

“I am a pretty positive person, a lot gives me hope. Things are constantly moving and changing. Even negative change can bring on positive results; creativity and expression can come from it and that can bring me hope.”




Cooperation- “seeing people open up outside of themselves”

“I am a pretty cynical person but very forgiving. I like when people are open to other experiences outside of what they would normally do. Seeing people be open to cooperation even on a different view.”




Non-bias- “seeing that a non-judgemental, unbiased view is still inside you”

“My son gives me hope, not because he is my son but because I can see what happens before conditioning. I can see the unbiased and non-judgement. I have witnessed someone open their eyes and notice things with out a whole lot of bias. People will let go of conditioning give me hope”


Goodness- “the goodness of people gives me hope”

“The goodness of people gives me hope and I think that reflects “god”, that big thing that has many names, and when that shines through people ,or nature that gives me hope”

Image Image


Fishfry- “knowing that someone will drop a frie today brings me hope. Now leave me be!”


What brings you hope?



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