Rachael Conley / Interview


Meet the lovely Rachael Conley. A photography student at Seattle Central Creative Academy 

The left handed Photographer with freckled eyes. And here’s our interview…

How did growing up influence who you are today?

Growing up in a small town I occasionally felt isolated, so I found that I read a lot. And from reading so often I find sometimes my vocabulary can kind of be unusual.  And that’s definitely from having this literary up-bringing, where I just read books all the time. And I still enjoy reading, but that’s one way. I have a funny vocabulary thanks to my youth.

And I think growing up in Seattle area, well I don’t know if this counts as still growing up, but when I grew up I still didn’t know about things such as KEXP.  I believe KEXP has really influenced who I am now. I just have loads of music now that I love, that is just not played on any other radio station and I’d say its a big part of how I enjoy my life.  I have access to really interesting and I a lot of different music and so I feel like that has shaped who I am.

Books and Music. I feel that it’s so enriching.

Also, I enjoy taking walks, always my whole life. Walking to school when I was really little and then having beautiful country sides to walk in later, that’s always something that I enjoyed. And I supposed that it influenced my pictures because I would just have to look for what I had available, like I didn’t have the cool street scenes of Seattle, so I had to look at more utilitarian subjects to photograph I suppose.

Did you take your camera with you on these walks?

I would. I was better about it when I had my point and shoot. For awhile I had this very bulbous kind of camera that I was assumed of so I always hid it away.

Why did you chose to study photography?

I decided to study photography because I just wanted to devote time to really learn about something I’m really fascinated with and never had the time or chance to before.

Who / What influenced that decision?

And In my junior year of college I took my first class in photography. And that professor really influenced me to pursue photography seriously. He was really encouraging. Also my grandfather. And that’s kind of a long personal story, but he took pictures. He was a professional photographer or anything, but he kind of influence me to do photography as well.

What artist most influences you?

Julie Taymor most influences me. Her work is top quality: the music, wardrobe, set design, script, everything is done by artisans and top intellectuals of those fields. The movies, plays, and operas she creates have a colossal and fantastic feel. It seems she re-evaluates every story she takes on, meaning she takes a story people might think they know and does it in such a brilliant way and pushes the normal boundaries of what can be achieved on stage or gender roles or what have you. Another thing about her that inspires me is that she studied what she was interested in (puppetry being one) and she actually uses all that random knowledge, I look for it in her style and think “That seems like it came from this influence in her life.”

What is your current desktop wallpaper?

It is a picture of classy amazing cars parked fitted together. My favorite desktop wallpaper was a picture like a sequence of motions of a woman hopping in the woods with a bunny mask on and a white ballerina outfit.

What is the most interesting thing that ever happened to you while traveling?

I went to Turkey this summer. My friend and I were relaxing on the beach in Didim when she said “My cousin’s ex-boss is in town, he’s going to take his yacht to Bodrum to grab dinner and we can join him.” I was thinking it would be a sail boat but it turned out to be a big ol’ two bedroom one bathroom yacht. We tanned on the top of it while waiting for him to show up. On the way to Bodrum I went to the front of the yacht and held on tight with the wind blowing and the boat bouncing up and down, very exhilarating and kind of terrifying. Then he let me drive for a while. He took us to an exclusive harbor and told us to go shopping so we picked out some simple sun dresses he bought for us. Then he took us to another port where we literally hopped off the boat and into our seats at a restaurant where we had fresh delicious Turkish food and Raki on ice. Then when we boarded the boat to go back to Didim he called me to the front of the boat to drive us back. There I was, speaking a little Turkish and having a beer (I usually don’t like beer but I liked that beer) and driving a yacht (don’t normally drive boats either). I was just speeding along, driving a boat, watching a sunset on the Mediterranean. I even got to announce the arrival of the boat in the largest pier in Turkey (D-Marine). He said “Great big captain Rachael!” and we all cheered. Then we went to a Turkish pop concert. The end.

What are 5 items on your bucket list?

1. Contribute something meaningful from my existence.

2. Become amazing at photography and have it be a major part of my life

3. Live outside of WA for at least one year (perhaps the Turkish Mediterranean?)

4. Help sea turtles hatch their eggs

5. Practice yoga and become really flexible


Here is the Link to her blog.


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