WaterWise App


WaterWise is a revolutionary wireless water meter and app.

We created WaterWise because real issues deserve real solutions. Water scarcity is one of the most pressing global issues of our time. We set out to create a fun, engaging way to change your water habits, save money and lighten your eco-footprint.


The instant feedback comes in the form of visual cues. The LED light changes from green, to yellow, to red, similar to a traffic light. This helps you gauge how much water you use  and when to stop.



Walk through the App here: https://www.flinto.com/p/d6a6b9f3


Guerrilla Typography


-guerrilla / found poster-mandy_blouin_poster3.1

-axial poster-


-original poster-

For this project we needed to find an existing poster that needs your design help. I found this gem on my walk home. 

Poster 1 – “Did you check your shoes?” Gerald my be hiding in them..

Poster 2 -This poster was inspired by experimenting with an alternative grid systems. This one is based on axial grid systems.




Other Guerrilla Links :

Guerrilla Type

Wood Typer

get_tan_print_mag get_tan_print_billboard

get_tan_print_bus_stopArt Direction Class looks little like this right now. For my project I choose to learn more about water conservation for the city of Seattle. The goal for this project is to create awareness and pushing the concept of being conscious of over water use.

question reality


Create a poster for an art museum gallery opening that breaks the tie between physical boundaries and reality as we know it. Art work will depict the boundaries between man and nature being broken or transformed into an unbelievable piece of art that can be intriguing or disturbing. Include one item that is fund in nature and one that is man made or mechanical.

I pulled some inspiration from Pharcyde “yo mama” (…has a glass eye with a fish in it)

Typography + Layout

Our project in typography this quarter was to create a double-page spread for a fictitious magazine using intuitive/hierarchical grids. While focusing on choosing a typeface which captures the tone of the selected image.